Tuesday, September 11, 2012

About Saturday... :)


  1. I will check your BF blog out when I get caught up. I just wanted to tell you your problem with following in your name is you have to sign your BF out of his blog, then sign into yours. He will have to remember to do the same thing. I share a computer also and I have forgotten to sign in and left a comment in the wrong name... lol.. Also, you should add a translator on your blog. 1ManView has a lot of followers from other countries and they like to follow his blog list. Some speak english, most do not. I find it exciting reading their sex blogs and having them read mines. All you have to do is go to blogger design, then to layout. Click on gadget. Inside gadget you will find translator. Click on it. just put it somewhere they can see it. IMV (1ManView) is good about sending people to your blog when he can...

    Poetic Estrus (PE)

    1. Thanks for your help and tips! I was able to follow you now and I wasn't even aware of the translator! Awesome!

  2. Hummm...I like Saturdays like this